Support for parents and carers

Worried that your child might be carrying a knife when they go out?

Never even thought that your child might carry a knife?

Worried that they might get caught up in knife violence when they go out?

Worried that they might stab someone in self-defence?


We have produced a guide for parents and carers to help feel more confident when talking to your child about knife crime.

Whatever you’re worried about – or not worried about, and whilst many young people don’t carry knives, it’s still a conversation worth having with your child.


Did you know:

  • It is illegal to carry any knife if there is intent to use it, even defensively, as a weapon. Even if the knife belongs to someone else, such as a friend or a boyfriend.
  • Police can and will search someone if they believe they are carrying a knife. Police and school staff can also search young people for weapons at school.
  • Carrying a knife could mean being arrested, going to court and ending up with a criminal record or even a prison sentence. This can affect the rest of someone’s life. Having a criminal record can prevent that person getting a job, going to university or college or even travelling abroad to some countries.


Have a chat with your child and see what they think about carrying a knife. Discuss an incident you read about or saw on the news. Talk to them about what happened to the person who was caught with a knife. Let them know that carrying a knife is never the best option and they are breaking the law. Let them know if they feel uncomfortable talking to you about issues they’re facing, there are plenty of people around them who can help them – or organisations they can ring who can help.


Remind your child that walking away from confrontation is always the better option, it could just save their life.